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High Quality Tactical Dog Harness

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No More Pulling, No More Choking, Just Happiness!

Trying to walk a dog that is pulling, tugging, and choking themselves is bad for you and for them. Take back control with AntiPullsta! Our tactical no pull dog harness that’ll make walking enjoyable again!

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Did you know that standard dog walking collars can really harm an animal's neck and vocal box when they’re pulling and choking? They can’t help themselves, it's up to us to ensure they are safe!

If you’re like me you love your pet like your own child. They’re part of the family! Ensure they live a long healthy life with AntiPullsta.. your dog will be happy, you will be happy, and that’s a beautiful thing

This pet food measuring scoop makes a perfect gift for that passionate animal lover in your life.. give them a great gift idea for their beloved fur baby.. they’ll be so glad that you did, and so will you!

So if you’re looking for a way to make dog walks an easier, healthier and more enjoyable activity you should pick up an AntiPullsta harness and ensure that you enjoy walks for many years to come!


No Pulling, No Tugging, No Choking - your pet is your best friend, take care of your friend especially when they are choking themselves.. they’ll be happier for it and so will you!

Help Your Buddy Live Long! - sadly pets that are mistreated, malnourished or out of shape don’t live as long as healthy dogs.. let's help them live the long, happy and healthy life that they deserve!

Makes A Perfect Gift Idea - this no pull dog harness makes for an amazing gift for anyone with a fur baby! Be the talk of the town among your pet loving friends with your incredibly thoughtful gift!

Product detail:

For Working Hunting Training Molle Vest Airsoft Gear Water-resistant 

SizeBack LengthGirthNeck

Item : Tactical Dog Vest

Material : High Quality 1000D Nylon

Weight : About 0.36kg  

Usage : Serivce Dog Military Training , Outdoor Hunting 

    Leash attachment points for safer dog walks
    fully adjustable straps allowing a snug fit with maximum mobility

      Pulling Problems Is A Thing Of The Past?

          The D ring helps redirect the dog's attention when it pulls, breaking their fixation without hurting your arms
          Our easy walk gentle leading harness comes in handy for vet visits, jogging, training or causal walking
          Save time putting on and taking off the harness with 4 quick-release buckles
          Perfect fit harness is suitable even for puppies, small, large, service dogs and K9's
          Freedom no pull harness is ranked #1 best selling tactical dog harness according to Hero Dog Awards

          SAVE TIME, Have FUN with your Dog Instead

          Easy 4 Quick Release Buckles

          30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

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